Through CSS-Insights, we are able to offer consultation within the children’s media and technology industries, applying our combined research, creative and business expertise.

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Content evaluation

We work closely with content creators and evaluate media and tech content to ensure it is:

  • Socially relevant

  • Developmentally appropriate

  • Engaging

  • Backed by research and experts

Consultation is available for content targeting audiences aged 2-20. We evaluate from both a socially responsible and creative lens and offer concrete suggestions to enhance content value, strengthening meaningful audience engagement and making sure the content comes across as intended.

We hold the highest respect for the creative process and aim to collaborate seamlessly with writers and content creators. Our recommendations are substantiated with research and presented as easy-to-digest, practical suggestions.

Deliverables include, but are not limited to:

  • Curriculum Development for Educational Media

  • Script Assessment and Recommendations

  • Formative Research (to inform pre-production)

  • Summative Research (testing your finished content)

  • Creative Show Development & Pitching Assistance

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©Photo by EssayOnTime


Our experts can provide an in-depth relevant review of social science research on a topic of significance to the success of your show or organization. We package research in a meaningful way to your needs, and present it in a visually appealing way.

The report will be suitable for both internal and external audiences (e.g., the public, policy makers and the media). Our reports can be complemented by content evaluation, group presentations, workshops and webinars to ensure lasting organizational change.

Commissioned Research

Commissioned Research

CSS is available to conduct a variety of commissioned research to fit your needs, from informal focus groups to rigorously designed experiments in an academic setting. In addition to working directly with parents and children, our researchers also have extensive experience conducting content analyses (e.g., measuring the number of females portrayed on children’s TV).

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Academia-industry collaborations

CSS is eager to help connect content creators with academic partners to conduct original, mutually beneficial research. To ensure the success of these academia-industry partnerships, CSS can take a lead role in facilitating the collaborative process and nurturing sustainable relationships that add value and exceed professional expectations.

Social Science Presentation


CSS provides 1-4 hour presentations and workshops for internal audiences, which can include staff, leadership and outside contributors and supply chain partners.

Our presentations and workshops are created to meet your organization’s unique needs. Lasting organization change is best achieved when initial presentations and workshops are integrated with pre-work, interactive and team assignments and continuing coursework. We can develop a curriculum that matches your strategic needs, time availability and budget capacity.

We can also deliver keynotes to a variety of audiences, as well as join, moderate, and curate panels at conferences and events.