Mike - 13

Mike, Age 13

Media Consumption: only after finishing homework and during weekends

Favorite Media/Technology: Playing video games

How do you and your family interact with media/technology?

I’m only allowed to play video games on weekends but sometimes we are too busy that I don’t have a chance to play at all. When I do play on weekends, I play for about 10 hours throughout the whole weekend. My mom sets limits on how long I can play, and I am unable to play when my grades in school start to slip.

How do you and your peers interact with media/technology?

All of my friends and cousins play Fortnite. We always plan to play together. Video games, especially Fortnite, are the hot topic at school and it helps me stay connected with my friends. The games also allow us to have discussions about other topics such as music, clothing, and movies. Playing Fortnite makes me feel “cool” because everyone else plays the game.

What do you use media for?

I play video games to have fun and stay connected with my family. Media helps me to be socially connected to my friends and to those I see less often. It also helps to keep me entertained and gives me something cool to do with my friends.  

What is your favorite/least favorite thing about media/technology?

I like how entertaining video games can be. With Fortnite, in particular, I am able to pick my own characters and make them dance. I also like being able to play by myself or with friends and family. I don’t like the the violent aspects of Fortnite, but for the most part I find it very enjoyable and fun.  

Interviewed By:

Briana Nicole Southern

UCLA 4th Year Student