Katie - 7

Katie, Age 7

Media Consumption: weekend mornings and sometimes a bit on weekdays depending on school, homework, and other extra-curriculars

Favorite Media/Technology: iPad apps like Animal Jam and Roadblocks and movies about dogs like A Dog’s Way Home.

How do you and your family interact with media/technology?

My mom usually she texts on her phone, but sometimes she uses her computer for work stuff and to look at pictures. My parents didn’t really teach me how to use my ipad, I just pressed a lot of buttons and then I eventually figured it out. My sister plays Roadblocks and Animal Jam and sometimes she shows me new apps she likes.

How do you and your peers interact with media/technology?

Friends show me new things to do and sometimes ads show you really cool stuff. My friend showed me Animal Jam and then I wanted to get it and then I showed my sister! I also use computers at school for art and coding.  

What do you use media for?

I love playing my favorite apps called Animal Jam and Roadblocks. In Roadblocks, there’s jumping and running. In Animal Jam, you have an animal and can move it around using your finger. You can also explore the whole world using your animal. At school, we use the school computers in the computer lab. There’s something called stop motion where you can make stuff. Also, there is a program called ‘star-typers’ where you put your fingers on the home keys and learn how to type fast! There’s also code.org which is like, fun coding.

What is your favorite/least favorite thing about media/technology?

I like the stories especially in dog movies. I like Buddies and I just saw A Dog’s Way Home with my mom. I liked it but...not certain characters. I don’t like the dog catchers in movies because they kidnap the dogs, and they have to go away from home and the people they love. In A Dog’s Way Home, the dog catcher was always being mean to people’s dogs, he just wanted money.


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