Henry - 13

Henry, Age 13

Media Consumption: everyday

Favorite Media/Technology: YouTube

How do you and your family interact with media/technology?

When I was really young, my parents taught me about Internet safety (e.g.,, not releasing my real name) and how to use the Internet properly. My parents showed me how to access the Internet for information and leisure by searching up things that I like on Google or they would watch interesting videos with me. They also have certain rules that I have to follow if I want to keep using technology. For example, I can’t use it too much and I can’t buy anything without asking them.

When I find something funny on the internet I like to show my parents and sometimes they show me stuff, like funny articles and Facebook or YouTube videos. I also like to help my parents use the internet. For example, I taught them how to create a playlist for songs that they like.

How do you and your peers interact with media/technology?

I'm pretty sure my friends and I use the Internet the same way. We think it’s entertaining and useful. My friends show me things that kids my age would watch and find funny, but when I show it to my parents, they don't really find it funny. I learn about videos and games when my friends start talking about them, and I look them up when I’m at home.

My friends think YouTube is cool and use it often. They show me what other people are watching and things that I wouldn't have known about or started watching on my own. Sometimes we watch the same videos, but most of the time they have different interests so they watch different videos. If I like a video and want to share it with them, I tell them the name of the video so that they can watch it. We give each other suggestions for things to do on the Internet by sharing videos, games, articles, and music.

What do you use media for?

I mostly use technology for school or leisure. For school, I mainly use technology to write and read books. For leisure, I watch YouTube or play games, usually on my iPad. YouTube is my favorite app. I browse videos and watch the ones on topics that I like: playing games, cooking, and weird stuff. YouTube teaches me what people think about the world and what topics people like. Let's say a video gets 1 million views – that means a lot of people are interested in that topic, so my friends and I are more likely to watch that video because it's trending.

What is your favorite/least favorite thing about media/technology?

I got scammed once. I was browsing YouTube, which keeps track of the videos you watch to make the ads about what you like (my dad told me that). I saw an ad that said I could get free, unlimited Robux [a digital currency on the online gaming platform Roblox] if I tried out three apps for five minutes. I did it but I never got my free Robux.


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