George - 15

George, Age 15

Media Consumption: Daily, weekdays (1-2 hours), weekends (2-3 hours).

Favorite Media/Technology: Fortnite videogame


How do you and your family interact with media/technology?

We all use media in my family. Almost every day I watch TV with my parents, but I don’t always get to choose the movie we watch. I enjoy co-viewing movies with my parents some of the times, unless I have something better to do, like playing Fortnite

I also have more knowledge of digital media than my parents have. For example, I read articles on how to use phones and additionally I am an assigned beta tester for Apple software. I have been testing Apple software products for years, emailing the company my opinion about certain upcoming digital products.

How do you and your peers interact with media/technology?

I often use my cellphone to text my friends after school in order to find out if they can play Fortnite with me later that day (when I am done with my homework of course!). I rarely use my cellphone to play video games, instead I prefer to play video games when I’m at home. I mostly play Fortnite in order to communicate with my friends that I do not see as often because they go to different schools. Sometimes I play Fortnite by myself, but I would rather play the videogame with my friends because I don’t like to play with strangers.

What do you use media for?

I use media mainly to communicate with my friends and my first cousin, who happens to be my best friend. I use my cellphone to mainly text my friends. When I play Fortnite I am not only doing it for the fun of the game, which I really enjoy, but I also like to connect with my friends and spend time with them.

What is your favorite/least favorite thing about media/technology?

I really like playing Fornite with my friends and my cousin because in most cases it’s the only way to stay connected with my friends from my previous school. What I really do not like about media is social media. I do not understand why people like to watch what other people do with their lives, instead of choosing to spend that time living their own lives however they want. I much more prefer to live my own life and not worry about others.



UCLA Graduate