Through our non-profit arm, we hold free events bringing together scholars and storytellers to share knowledge and work together to help young people thrive. We also share knowledge through our articles; these are targeted to storytellers and contain key research based insights to address critical issues such as unconscious bias and gender stereotypes. We also conduct peer reviewed research through UCLA with both undergraduate and graduate students.

When requested and mission aligned, we are available to consult through CSS-Insights, our corporate arm. Ways we consult include original research for clients, workshops and keynotes, content consulting, teaching young talent, translation of research insights into reports and articles, curriculum development and more.


Clients and Speaking Engagements

Content Creator Teen


Want to figure out the best way to be socially relevant to the youth audience?

Center for Scholars and Storytellers can work with you to make sure that the youth-targeted content you create resonates, motivates and engages the audiences you serve. Check out our Story Insights to learn about ways research can inform storytelling.

We can match you with a leading expert on social science and child development to support your creative ideas. See Our Team and our Areas of Expertise to get an idea of who we are and topics we can help with. 

Industry Executives


Looking to enhance your corporate culture?

We can lead workshops to increase your team’s awareness of social issues such as inclusion, implicit bias and stereotyping. We conduct workshops and give keynotes on a variety of topics.

We consult in a variety of manners and with different stakeholders, including studios, producers, and advertisers.

Social Science Researcher


Want to make sure the research you conduct has impact?

We can help you frame your work in a way that resonates for the entertainment community and to build win-win partnerships with content creators. Reach out to connect with us.


Contact us for more information on how we can help.