What are Character Strengths?  How can technology be used to build character strengths in adolescents?  Do you have a product, project, or content you’d like to create that might build character strengths in adolescents?  We have an exciting funding opportunity to share with you!  

As a result of a grant from the John Templeton Foundation, Baylor University is honored to host a competition for projects that will build character strengths in youth. They will be issuing sub-grant awards in different categories to: 1) those who are interested in creating new innovative tech/media products centered around character strength development and 2) practitioner-scholar teams testing the effectiveness of character strength interventions in adolescents.  If you are interested in applying for either of these sub-grants, please look for more information here.

The below blogs will help you find actionable insights from the latest research for teaching adolescents about love, gratitude, hope, patience, generosity, joy, wisdom and forgiveness. Start here to learn best practices for content creators and digital developers when seeking to build character strengths in adolescents.






Technology and Character Virtues